The unifying goals to define purpose

  1. To establish a methodological and experimental foundation to understand and construct autonomous synthetic creatures of varying purpose. Directed by the application environment, machine types form an active role of technological development and should be categorized if possible,
  2. To propose a research paradigm to understand artificial life, and perhaps shed some light on what is life in a more general sense, by designing and constructing mimicking forms,
  3. To propose experiments which convey motifs of behavior, to establish a paradigm set of discretionary limits, necessitated by a physical characteristic.

In order to make the topic more familiar, the tone of this document from this point on will be from the first-person. As unorthodox as that may initially appear, I argue that even a dubious intent within the paradigm of a practical engineering point-of-view, will provide unique and useful solutions on how to design and construct autonomous machines possessing ranges of adapted, organically-developed behaviors. This is a keen individual experience which comes to bear on the outcomes.

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